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During the late 1970’s a focused effort to produce CBM gas commercially was initiated. In 1997 horizontal drilling and completion technology made it to the Arkoma CBM play. The necessity of horizontal completions in the Arkoma coals was born out of the necessity to achieve better economic returns than vertical CBM completions.

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To date approximately 200 horizontal wells have been drilled with a very high (>95%) success rate. Production to date from these wells is approximately 40,000 mcf/d. Currently, several operators have ongoing horizontal CBM operations. Source Rock Energy Partners has an ongoing relationship with several of these operators.

Pennsylvanian age coals of the Arkoma Basin have been determined to be gas productive since the 1920s when vent shafts ahead of coal mining operations would vent over 1,000 mcf/d to the atmosphere to reduce the risk of mining explosions. The U.S. department of energy estimates 2-4 TCF of recoverable methane gas exists in these coals.